My Pants Just Fell Off! (an unusual story to help your internet business)

by Craig Perrine

I just put on a pair of my favorite jeans and they just fell off!

Last time I wore them a month ago these jeans were snug around my waist. Now I need a belt or they’ll drop to my ankles.

I’m shrinking – losing about a pound every day and I’ve lost 24 pounds in about 3 weeks (without ANY excercise). You might be wondering if this is some pitch for a weightloss program, it’s not (but I will tell you what worked for me in a minute)

As an entrepreneur who has coached many entrepreneurs about starting online businesses, I’ve always been fascinated people making major changes. I’m especially fascinated when people break free from previous limitations and achieve a whole new level of results.

Most of the time, that would be a business success where someone had made a whole bunch more money or something. But in this case, the change was health related for me, reversing a decade long pattern of weight gain.

Sure I’m happy about it, but for my purposes here the weight loss is a metaphor… it represents any change you want to experience if you look at the core principles that caused it.

So here’s my story…

In business, I’ve mastered some skills and gotten results and I have a lot of supportive beliefs about the things I’m known for.

I’m an author, a speaker, internet marketer… and a bunch of people know me for ‘inspired business success’.

Cool… that stuff is working in my life.

And yet, I had a limiting belief that was bothering me more and more for years: I was getting fat. I could sugar coat it, but that’s how I felt.

I had come to accept that with success came a lifestyle that led to weight gain. Sure, conciously I thought that if I just could get to ‘working out’ and ‘eating right’ I’d lose the weight again. But after a few years of that not working, I kinda gave up on it. My old tricks weren’t working.

You have to understand, until I was about 33 or so I was about 185, only a small increase from my weight in my mid twenties of 175. I had lost a bunch of weight my senior year of college that I picked up eating the beer and pizza diet of my first couple years. All I did was follow a ‘Atkins’ type low carb approach…

That worked until I was about 33 when I began to eat whatever I felt like eating for convenience and social gatherings.

Once I hit my mid thirties, I found that I had crossed a threshold and the trend was up for my weight as I hit new highs… and eventually got over 200, 210, all the way to 237 by 2007.

Listen, the scary part isn’t the weight gain… That’s the ‘effect’.

What’s scary is part of the cause.

In the years I got fatter, most people enabled me to feel like it was ‘part of aging’, ‘it’s harder to lose weight’, and so on.

It seemed the accepted thing to do was be comfortably numb and accept the decline in health as ‘normal’, ‘the way it is’.

And I bought into it enough to keep letting my health slide.

Just like these days people blame their money worries on ‘the economy’, ‘Bush’ or now, ‘Obama’.

It’s accepted. Blame is the universal ‘out’ for anything that bothers you, right? We’re not responsible for our results, ‘everyone’ is struggling (so it’s OK???)

The sick thing here is that people will put up with something they don’t like if they get acceptance from fellow sufferers.

Misery loves company!

More insidious is that it’s a proven principle among ‘persuasion’ experts that if you tell someone they are not responsible for their failures, they will want to believe you (even better if you offer them a scapegoat to blame!)

And so most people help each other believe they are victims of life’s circumstances and mutually agree to stay stuck in the muck together.

(I wonder if that is how mammoths got stuck in tar pits, feeling all warm and comfortable while they sank to their deaths…)

Next time someone tries to make you feel comfortable about something you truly don’t want for yourself (aww.. it’s not your fault :) ) recognize they are NOT helping you.

However well intentioned, these people are ‘enablers’.

Enablers aren’t just for gamblers and alcoholics anymore… ANY behavior that doesn’t serve you can be enabled by those around you and our culture, too.

We get ‘addicted’ to the path of least resistance and people who help us slide are really of no help at all.

Be aware of the beliefs in your family and social circles… do they support YOUR life goals?

If you haven’t asked that question for a while, you’re essentially asleep at the wheel (I know I was when it came to my health!)

It’s your life and seeing as how YOU are driving the car you might as well check in to see if you LIKE the where you’re going, right?

One thing I really love about my close friends is that we are willing to be honest about this stuff.

Real friends don’t help you make excuses.

Real friends are willing to get in your face.

Real friends help you get ‘uncomfortable’ and go do something!

Sometimes friends aren’t the right people to really kick you in the ass, though, when the problem requires deep and long lasting changes.

That’s where a coach comes in. You hire them to keep you on track and they don’t don’t have to worry about losing your friendship. You tend to be willing to hire coaches when you wake up to the idea that your problem is too big for you to handle on your own.

When you are sliding down a slippery slope, truly the best thing to happen is if you hit bottom and ‘wake up’ to what you are doing.

For me that was around 237 pounds.

I knew there was a 170 pound guy in there somewhere, but it was getting too hard to see him!

It was time to change… whatever it took (this commitment was KEY)

Right after I decided that, I met Susan and Stacey of The Raw Body Twins at Zero Limits in Maui. Funny how the teacher(s) show up when you are ready!

Inspired by them and their plan, I lost about 30 pounds in 6 months. That was very cool – and I probably could have gotten all the way to my weight goal of 175 had I stuck with what they taught me and if I had really fully understood the root causes of my problem.

But I didn’t understand it… not yet.

I got stuck at 201 and didn’t look closely to see why. Nor did I follow up with my coaches and drifted far from their plan.

Why? Because I was comfortable enough to lose my focus and ‘celebrated victory’ too early. I went back to sleep, went on summer vacation, completely went off the plan, and a whole bunch of old habits started creeping back in…

By April of 09 I was back to 227, two thirds of my weight loss had come back.

Not Cool!Damn it!

Are you seeing the metaphor here for your internet business… do you start ‘plans’ and then life gets in the way and you let them drift?

The psychology is the same – don’t let the ‘diet’ talk distract you from that fact.

The temptation is to blame the ‘plan’ or the coach – but the truth is, I dropped the ball.

I realized that and knew it was time to get focused again. I was about to get back on the plan that had worked, when I came across something truly amazing.

I found out about an incredibly powerful, merciless fat burner that is hitting one internet marketer after another.

First it was Ben Mack. Then it was Tony Laidig (you need to follow him if you aren’t already!). And I’ve heard rumors that Dave Lakhani and others I know are also shrinking like crazy. I know all these guys, respect them, so I had to know more.

As it happened, I ran into Tony Laidig at Armand Live in Dallas and the dude had lost 70 pounds in 4 months – which I knew first hand because I saw him in the summer of 08 before he started the program.

I had heard Ben Mack lost over 80 pounds on the same plan – I was stunned.

That kind of dramatic weight loss got my attention in a whole new way. Once Tony explained the details, I understood why my previous attempt had stalled and I wanted to check it out.

When I complete this short term 8 week program (it is not a long term way of eating), I’m going back to what I learned from Stacey and Susan for my regular way of eating to keep the weight off permanently. No weight loss program will work if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle afterwards… gotta keep doing what works after all.

As my friend Armand Morin likes to say, ‘Success Leaves Traces’… and after seeing first hand that this diet worked and these dudes were healthy, I wanted to try it myself.

From a marketing perspective, my reaction was worth pointing out…

The proof compelled me because I wanted the same result.

I didn’t care how much it cost (turns out not much, but that was just a bonus).

I wanted to start immediately.

Listen, nothing will stop you when you are laser focused with intense desire and a proven plan.

Based on the results Tony and others had, I expect to hit my goal in 8 weeks or so (and I’m right on track).

This ’system’ I’m on has worked for like 13,000 people over the last 20 years… I’ve followed the plan to a ‘T’.

Presto… I’m losing a pound or more a day like CLOCKWORK.

I’m also not getting cocky or celebrating too early. I’m at 203 now and I won’t make the same mistake again by falling off a proven plan.

(And yes, for any skeptics reading this, I know I’m not through 200 yet… I’ll post my progress here as I get down to 175).

Listen, between what I did last year and this year, I’ve gotten real clarity on what causes weight gain and weight loss for me.

Either plan I followed works… just like in internet marketing, there are a lot of plans that will work.

When you get clear that you want so follow a proven system and change your behaviors, you will – if you stick with it.

Inspiration + proven system = success.

Life change takes a willingness to leave your ‘comfort zone’ and become comfortable with ‘being uncomfortable’.

We fear what might happen if we don’t do what we already know.

We fear being afraid.

So we avoid it.

That’s why I wear the necklace Lisa Coltman gave me that says ‘Fear-Less’ because I always want to remind myself to fear ‘fear’ less.

Learn to love fear and do what you fear and you’ll discover success.

If you want to fear something, fear inaction.

Fear being too comfortable with things you know you don’t really want in your life.

Fear complacency.

In other words, fear things that can really hurt you (being comfortable with bad things) and love things that help (taking action!)

Literally, the only difference between getting the results you want and changing your life and staying stuck is being willing to take action inspite of fear.

It’s easier if you are following a proven plan with a coach who can help you. But if you are committed you’ll learn what works on your own, too.

But nothing happens unless you are willing to do something different and take inspired action.

I’m literally dropping my pants to share this story with you because I want you to apply this lesson to your business.

Change is possible for you (even if you’ve given up until now).

The answers to your questions are out there… There are successful models to follow.

Someone has overcome the challenges you face before… find them.

The key is all in how you manage your fear of taking that first step.

Take it. Success in anything happens one step at a time.

Sounds like a bumper sticker, but it’s true.

- Craig

P.S Oh, and if you want to know more about the plan I’m on,┬ácontact Lynette Patterson . She’s an angel – well, an angel that will hold your feet to the fire to lose tons of weight, lol. She’s on Twitter, too. I’m not an affiliate or anything, but I am referring her business like crazy so I should be!

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

Armando June 12, 2009 at 10:45 pm

You’ve inspired me brother to take a harder look at myself as well. I’ve been spending alot of time helping others and doing things for others and frankly it has cost me health-wise. Just saying I’ve gotten fatter wouldnt cover it. I am literally overweight an Entire Overweight man. At 5′5 I weigh 345 making me 200 lbs overweight. 200 freaking lbs OVERweight.

Seeing you tackle this problem and seeing what Tony has done with it and knowing that Lynnette really really cares [we've already taken the before pics!] I think by the time U7 rolls around I’ll be able to let my pants drop as well brother!

I’m also starting to see the need for my intentions not only to include wealth but also the health to enjoy it all.

I look forward to kicking some ass here in the near future with you soon brother!

I love you man!

Connie Ragen Green June 14, 2009 at 3:19 pm

Congratulations on all of your experiences and success. I’ve tried to contact Lynnette but the timing must not be right. I must release 50+ pounds for health reasons. Please share the very best way to contact her. I tried on Twitter and also left my name and phone number on her site. Maybe if you tell her I’m in Platinum that will help -LOL! See you in Austin in September.

GolferPaul June 16, 2009 at 7:10 pm

Great going Craig. Sounds like Lynette is sending ripples through the whole Internet community. Looking forward to all of us being successful, and very healthy so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labors. Very much enjoyed your talk at UnSeminar, really struck a chord. Look forward to next time


Perry Belcher June 23, 2009 at 6:23 am

Congrats Brotha! Can’t wait yo hang out again. I’m in town again this weekend. – Perry

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